Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Advanced Rolfing and Rehabilitation for Musculo/skeletal Injuries

Chronic and reoccuring pain and injury patterns have the potential for being relieved with connective tissue manipulation also known as myofascial release. Rolfing works to relieve the deep seated soft tissue patterns in the human body. By doing so, a shift takes place in skeletal alignment, joint articulation and muscle constriction. Pain and limitations due to a reoccurence of soft tissue influences can be corrected through a series of sessions designed to progress through the deep layers of connective tissue. Rolfing works in a series of 10 sessions to maximize change and to bring the body into improved alignment, better balance, greater flexibility and an easing of postural patterns. When the human body is relieved of the negative influences of soft tissue contraint the opportunity for healing and rehabiliation occur. This means entering into training, stengthening and physical therapy can be more productive with greater positive outcome. Muscolo/skeletal problems stemming from soft tissue patterns and injuries have potential for correction and change that can increase function and decrease pain and discomfort. A series of sessions with a Certified Advanced Rolfer can help those who have experienced physical limitations due to sports injuries, automobile accidents or conditions that have moved the body towards imbalance and compensation.

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