Monday, September 20, 2010

The Overlooked Culprit for Pain and Limitation

Often overlooked and untreated with conditions of chronic pain or limitation are soft-tissue pattern formations. Patterns in the connective-tissue and musculature are a natural out growth of how the human body moves, injury influence and genetic make-up. Impact injuries, for example, change the shape of the human body as well as cause displacement of portions of the skeletal structure. Following such an injury the body works to adapt by forming new ways of moving muscles and articulating joints. In time, this move a way from what the body knows as normal can become problematic because there is a loss of full adaptive properties due to over compensation, putting stress and limitation on joints and muscles. When the body can no longer adapt to activities or the environment pain and limitation emerge. Over time the loss of adaptive properties results in chronic or returning injuries and dysfunction.
The Rolf method of structural integration (Rolfing) is a touch therapy designed to relieve soft-tissue patterns and their influence on skeletal alignment. By softening and then moving formations in the connective tissue the human structure migrates back towards what it formally knew as normal. The body rebalances and regains symmetry as the body integrates the changes encouraged by the deep, soft-tissue manipulation. The body then finds the full potential to adapt in a healthy manner without producing pain and limitation.

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